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Here's what some of my clients are saying...


I worked with Erica when I started to explore intuitive eating and wanted the support of a coach to help me. Not only did she give me the tools to get in touch with my body, she allowed me to begin my pregnancy journey from a place of freedom and ease. Thanks to Erica, I’ve got a healthy relationship with food and my body, and I can’t wait to pass that along to my daughter one day!

Carley Weissert
Pittsburgh, PA
Stay-At-Home Mom
Erica is my go-to person for all things in the essential oil world. Sure, it’s easy to look things up online, but 1,000% percent easier when you have a contact you can completely trust and go to. And better yet, she personalizes everything for my needs— in a way that’s easy for me to learn and understand, and best yet, with zero judgement.

Andrea Duclos
South Florida
Blogger at ohdeardreablog.com
Erica Jacobs. Since the moment I met her she has added so much happiness and growth to my life that I never thought possible. Interactions with her are a gift in itself. Erica is able to motivate, inspire, challenge, and give her fullest capacity of love to every individual she comes in contact with. Everyone is trying to find happiness, bring meaning to their lives, and know the trick to master everything with ease. With Erica, she is able to bring awareness to your self. She helps us reveal our truest, most natural self and shows you that our weaknesses are our strengths that we haven’t let flourish. Erica is a remarkable woman that is on a journey of cultivating strong, uplifting individuals. She is a professional, driven woman with a passion for curiosity and the growth of others.

Brittnay Leon-Guerrero
Los Angeles, CA
Yoga Instructor
I’ve had the pleasure of having a few, well-worth it sessions with Erica. She has opened my mind to ideas that I wasn’t even aware of that I had. She touches on her life experiences to help others become more intuitive to what is right for them. She is truly a space holder, and has helped me elevate my awareness, so that I can continue to grow!

Venice, Ca
Yoga Teacher
I had the early morning pleasure of working out with Erica in 2013 to get me ready for my upcoming wedding! I thoroughly enjoyed Erica as my Personal Trainer, as she was always upbeat even at 630 AM, positive, motivating, made my goals a priority to her & always made me feel important. As time progressed I also had the joy of getting involved as a client of Erica’s using Essential Oils.

Erica’s knowledge, passion and understanding of oils & wellness is contagious! I’ve been using oils now for almost 2 years and will continue to do so.

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Erica Jacobs. She has that natural “sparkle in her eyes” and makes everyone in her circle feel loved & cared for.

Katie Bengerno
Lomita, Ca
Birthparent Intake Supervisor & Home Study Coordinator
Erica is full of so much joy and love, and it shines through in everything she does. Needless to say, working with her is truly inspirational. She takes the time to listen and help you develop into your best self with humor, reflection, and unending support. I feel so lucky to be building a business with Erica by my side!

Katie Warchefsky
Lomita, Ca
Social Worker
If mindfulness and self-care is what you’re looking to focus on, I would highly recommend reaching out to Erica. She listens not only with her ears, but with her heart, knowing there is a strong connection between the two. She will guide your conversations to help you find your true voice.

San Jose, CA
Meeting & Events Professional
working with Erica has redefined my conceptions of what it is to be a yogi and what it means to practice yoga. I have a busy work life and an equally colorful social life. Her yoga has helped me find a way to make space for me and find a calm. Practicing yoga started as an exercise, in weeks it’s become a way to appreciate and reconnect with my physical and spiritual self. Her class is a serious highlight to my week.

Molly C
Torrance, Ca
I absolutely LOVE Erica! She and I have been working together for 3 years. I’ve always doubted ability to push myself mentally in Yoga, until Erica guided me through personal sessions where I’ve been able to refine my spiritual head-space, on AND off my mat!

Hawthorne, Ca