Hi! It’s me, 

I love all the things: writing,  yoga, the flying trapeze, Peonies, SPF 75+ and stuff that makes me laugh until I hyperventilate and have to breathe into a brown paper bag. My spirit animal is an Elephant and I can’t live without avocados or essential oils.

I've live in Southern California- on the beach, to be more specific. I strongly dislike sand, so I refuse to actually go to the beach.

Officially, I am a Relationship Strategist and writer, specializing in Eating Psychology, Essential Oils, Yoga, and Visual Communication. Unofficially, I am a relatively flawed human, with a long history of chronic dieting, binge eating, warped body image and difficulty speaking up and agreeing to be here.

I've done a bunch of things, like, hypnosis (for weight loss, which was weird), diet pills, powders, potions, starvation "activities" and binge eating. I spent a lot of years and A LOT of money trying to fix stuff that didn't need a fixin'. I've done it all, which is awesome, because now I can save YOU a lot of time and money and help you figure out what's actually MOST important to you and what you truly value.

So, friends, welcome to What's Eating Erica Jacobs! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey. I am eager to work with you, hear your story, explore the things that keep you awake at night, make you laugh, and that matter to you most. Ultimately, I'm excited to find out...what's eating YOU?