"Love Your Body by Friday"



A Creative Intervention for People Who Are Busy AF


Love Your Body by Friday is a 5-day creative writing series, designed to add FUN to the increasingly challenging “task” of loving your body, and the soul it houses.

I know. You’re busy AF. I’m busy. We’re busy. And Feeling stuck, trapped, unsure, insecure, neurotic and wishy-washy about your body is hindering you from agreeing to fully participate in your busy life. This series is intended for the average human being, who can maintain a body temp somewhere roughly in the 90’s AND is willing to take a more active and enjoyable role in their life. (That would be you.)

When struggling with a disordered relationship with food & body, creativity and “right-brained” activities are not a typical prescribed remedy in traditional talk-therapy, coaching and/or various textbooks.

Love Your Body by Friday recognizes creativity as the key ingredient for unlocking and freeing the conscious and sub-conscious mind, to better understand ourselves, and the world around us. Writing provides us with an opportunity to create inspired life experiences, and help us go beyond difficult moments in life. We will use writing as a platform to achieve new thinking on how you want to excel, both spiritually and mentally.

These writing assignments are short, sweet, yet are meant to provide deep and powerful insight. Trust this process. Trust yourself. So SIGN UP and let's get "WRITE" to it!