THIS is Forty

Today marks the fortieth time I've hit "Publish"! I've shared a lot of information these last forty posts and in case I haven't shared enough, here are forty facts you may not know about me...


  1. I believe hate is a very strong word, so I hardly use it.

2. I hate the beach.


3. I use a dish towel to turn off the kitchen sink because I don't like water spots on the faucet.

4. I wash my hands, like, a lot.

5. When I was seven, I used EVERY bathroom product in my Dad's house --baby powder, A&D Ointment, toothpaste, hydrogen peroxide, suppositories and conditioner-- to make the "plaster" needed to recreate the Mrs. Doubtfire mask. (The consistency wasn't right. Plus, I got hives.)

6. I'm EXTREMELY gullible with my BFF, but skeptical and on-point with everyone else. She can literally tell me anything and I'll believe it. It's embarrassing.


7. I don't like wearing underwear. So, I don't.

8. I'm not gay, but Lena Dunham turns me on. And so does Katherine Moennig from The L Word. #GayForShane


9. I memorize every line from Beaches, Titanic and Steel Magnolias.

10. I often fantasize about being in a field, dressed in white, wearing a flower crown and singing I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing with a bunch of hippies. Like, maybe it's a commercial. Or an updated music video for the song. Or a Yoga project. I mean, I don't agent would know more.


11. The first things I notice about a person are their teeth and how they smell.

12. I always ALWAYS sneeze just as I'm about to fall asleep. Then I get scared that a voice from the shadows will say, "Bless you, Erica."

13. I bought the DVD's of all my favorite children's shows I used to watch as a child. I want to make sure my kids get to see them. The VHS's won't survive.


14. I squeegee my shower doors after EVERY shower. My guests have to do the same.

15. There are always clothes scattered and piled on my bedroom floor.


16. Even though I'm Jewish, Christmas is my favorite holiday.

17. My Dad took me to a fancy dinner to celebrate my saying "no" to the first cigarette offered to me when I was fifteen.                                                                                                                                                      I started smoking 2 months after that.

18. It's my lifelong dream to meet Krista Tippet (the host of my favorite podcast: OnBeing), Britney Spears and Danny Devito.

19. I truly adore my Mom. But I rarely tell her; gotta keep her humble.


20. I ask for dressing on the side to feel healthy… but I just pour the entire thing on my salad anyway.

21. I don't like cats. At all.

22. I don't like hair. I'm constantly making sure my strands aren't on my clothes. But they always are.

23. I like dogs, but avoid petting them...because, hair.

24. I don't mind ants.

25. I rarely finish a glass of wine.

26. My Dad's first nickname for me was "Flanken"/"Flanken Ball",


...but he called me "Panchky" for most of my life. I still have no idea what it means.

27. The first thing I do when I go to someone's house is ask to look at their wedding album.


28. I was caught completely naked on the toilet at the fancy restaurant where I worked. In the handicapped stall.

29. I know every single Lifetime movie made between 1987 and 2000

30. When I hear newborn babies cry, I cry.

31. Live theater makes me cry. I cry a lot.

32. I've changed my clothes at least 4 times a day since I was 12.

33. Peonies are my favorite flower.


34. My favorite physical features are my eyes and my skin.

35. When I'm home, the TV is ALWAYS on. Unless I'm recording a podcast.

36. I could eat sushi everyday. And so I do.

37. I've been known to pee, snort, gurgle, drool, grab onto the nearest person's shirt and sometimes fall down when I laugh hard.  Luckily, it takes A LOT to make me laugh that hard.


38. I'm a morning person. I was always the first to wake at sleepovers, but I'd pretend sleep until my friend(s) woke up and act all groggy, cranky and grumpy like them. In reality, I wake up ready to dance.

39. I've never broken a bone.

40. My fallback career is Broadway.

THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart, for continuing to support me, read me and constantly show me that being truthful, unabashedly honest and genuine is ALWAYS a good idea.

To the next forty!