Podcast #3: Spearmint/Confident Speech


Spearmint: The Oil of Confident Speech

"Spearmint inspires clarity of thought and confident verbal expression. This oil encourages inner clarity around our personal opinions and convictions and supports us in translating that clarity into words. Spearmint promotes confidence when speaking publicly and is helpful with those feeling scattered, inarticulate and/or stumbling over words." -Daniel McDonald Emotional Healing with Essential Oils

This week on the podcast, we discuss strategies for making your thoughts and feelings as clear and confident as possible. This past week was HUGE for me; I published a letter to Trader Joe's which was read by a little over 1,000 people. Um...I've NEVER had that kind of response to my blog. Ever. But I can certainly get used to that ;-) This week I learned that people LOVE to read opinions almost as much as they love writing their own. I was reminded how difficult it is to make ourselves thoroughly heard and received the way we intend to on the internet.

I am honored to have had my words be received by so many people. I'm so appreciative for the out pour of positive feedback and support. And I'm so deeply grateful for and fascinated by the honest and raw comments that left me feeling misunderstood and temporarily defeated, but mostly energized and even more a lover of human beings.

Enjoy the show!

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