Podcast #2: Communication Breakdown

tin-cans-iStock_000011885996XSmall I haven't always considered myself to be a good communicator. But through years of therapy and a genuine interest in having meaningful relationships, I've gotten better at speaking my truth. Today on the podcast, we're talking about communication, not just in terms of sharing our feelings...but most importantly, being able to receive the feelings of others.

Featured in the episode is Lavender: The Oil of Communication...

Lavender aids verbal expression. It calms the insecurities that are felt when one risks their true thoughts and feelings. Lavender addresses a deep fear of being seen and heard. While people may be going through the motions of outward expression, they're actually holding back their innermost thoughts and feelings. The expression is not connected to the heart or the soul.

Lavender encourages emotional honesty and insists that one speak their thoughts and desires.

It is through open and honest communication that an individual experience is unconditional love and acceptance.

Lavender addresses blocked communication, fear of rejection, feeling unseen or unheard, constricted, tension, emotional dishonesty, fighting, fear of self-disclosure.

To Use: Rub 1-2 drops of lavender essential oil down the backs of the ears and onto the throat, when verbal expression feels stunted, or as needed...because it smells good.


Episode Two:

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