I AM: Part One


Dear friends, Here's the thing-- for the last eighteen months, I've been doing all the work on this blog. I'm not complaining! Believe me, allowing my heart and soul to explode out of my fingertips, onto my screen and into your retina is a blessing. Like, pressing PUBLISH is one of my favorite things ever. In the interest of fun and always being willing to try new things, sometimes, kinda, normally not-so-much, however, I've decided to break up the routine of writing at you and take an opportunity to write with you. TOGETHERNESS! FUN! RIGHT?! YEAH!

Okay so, here's what we're doing this week; I have written a poem entitled, "I Am". I'm going to post my completed work below as an example. I challenge you fill in your own blanks, starting each line with "I Am" and follow these simple steps:

1) Copy & Paste template (list) into a word doc or into the NOTES on your phone

2) Complete your own "I Am" poem--you may add adjectives if you wish, but keep each line just to a short sentence

Add a pic of yourself, draw a picture, whatever!

3) Email it to me (if you'd like--I'd LOVE to read them!!) * EJacobsCoach@gmail.com

4) Read it aloud to yourself, your house plant, husband, wife, dog, Yoga Teacher, each day for the rest of the week

Next week, we will do Part Two of this exercise! It's a good one ;-)


"I am" by, Erica Jacobs

I am Ruby red like Dorothy’s slippers

I am a big circle

I am a headstand

I am a round of applause

I am an elephant

I am three

I am Hard Sun, by Eddie Vedder

I am a cherished vintage VW bus; impossible to forget

I am a Boyfriend Pillow

I am sushi

I am a microphone

I am a day at the circus

I am earth

I am an Evergreen; constant and fun to decorate




 "I am" by,

What Color

What Shape

What Movement

What Sound

What Animal

What Number

What Song

What Car

What Piece of Furniture

What Food

What Musical Instrument

What Place

What Element in Nature

What Kind of Tree

*Can't wait to see what you write for yourself*