Ovaries Before Brovaries

Every once in a while it's nice to take a break from baring the depths of my soul in a blog, and prance merrily along the surface of my life instead. So, here we go!

vaj 6

I always have a blast at the Gynecologist! Apart from having to make an appointment months in advance for a regular checkup, I adore the forty-five minute wait, past my appointment time. I look forward to being weighed. I get exited for the pop quiz from the nurse, asking when my last period was...does it look like I do math?? It's always a pleasure being told to replace my comfortable clothing with that of...napkins. I also love to pee in cups. All of it is so great. Luckily, Dr. Lynch is a gem, so on some cray-cray level it's all worth it.

While I was waiting on the butcher papered table, in my crunchy paper ball gown, I found myself studying THREE 11x17 cork boards on the wall, displaying one hundred and four wallet size pictures of babies. I can only describe it as a physical Facebook feed that I wanted to run from, but couldn't because my wardrobe wasn't public-ready...although it WAS pubic-ready! *throws hands up off the keyboard and shouts "GENIUS!"*

Needless to say I'm bored, I'm cold and deeply longing for a husband or some kind of partner to be here with me for an ultrasound of our unborn alien-looking baby. (Whoops, I said I wasn't gonna go deep. Moving on...) It has now been thirty minutes and my napkin toga is wilting. I assume it will be hours before I see Dr. Lynch, --er, before Dr. Lynch sees me. So, I do what ANY self-respecting Gen Y gal does; I took some selfies.


See the Facebook feed on the wall?


I don't understand why I'm single.


mic"I believe in miracles! Where you from...you sexy thing..."

Dr. Lynch finally made her appearance. After twelve of those awkward reminders to scoot down, open wider, scoot down, open wider, she gave me a clean bill of health. But I believe the real health comes from my desire to make every awkward situation an awesome one. Despite popular speculation, selfies do make everything better. Also, I need to get out more. 627B4ECBB0F390BEC6B37C4ADA9B2D50