Resolutions on SALE!!

Hello! I'm here for the obligatory New Year's day post on my new blog! Welcome :) I'm really very excited about 2014 and now, at 7am on January 1st, my bad breath, not-cute-at-all hair and I would love introduce ourselves and tell you why...

This is the first year I didn't have or make any plans to celebrate New Year's Eve. And I felt right about that. Also, this is the first time I haven't felt that special kind of pressure; you know, that warm, fuzzy harrowing feeling you get when Facebook, Twitter, NBC, Pinterest, Instagram, Blogs, your Mom, your Mom's friend, your trainer, friends, STRANGERS, Dove, Kelloggs, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Jillian Michaels and Stouffers tells you it's time to make a resolution. It's time to promise yourself you will be better. Act better. And here's a new one...LOOK BETTER. And those resolutions ain't cheap! In this country, the weight loss industry is currently a $61Billion industry.

Now, as a recovering binge eater, chronic dieter, body basher and insecure American princess, my resolutions have cost me an embarrassing amount of money, time, energy and dignity. Do you know how expensive it is to be a binge eater? And then try to fix it with $80 bottles of Jillian Michaels Diet Pills? Frankly, I can't afford my old resolutions anymore. I'm surprised I still have a roof over my head, and actually, food in the fridge for that matter. Ha! Get it? 'Cause I'm a binge eater! Anyway...

The truth is, at almost 27 years-old, I seem to be drawn to a more comfortable "say 'no' to suffering" mentality. And there has been a lot of suffering. So much suffering that I somehow managed to push myself down a career path that confronts, challenges and humbles me with all of these issues. I am studying to become and Eating Psychology Counselor and I couldn't think of a better way to spend that money, which is a lot to say, from someone whom has been known to binge on very expensive sushi. No imitation crab for this gal!

So here is my resolution;

I resolve to be a slow eater; to really taste my food and find the joy in eating

I resolve to clean as I go; mostly referring to the dishes in the sink

I resolve to post blogs and always forgive myself when I don't

I resolve to be the most authentic, honest, brave and kind human being I'm meant to be, so that my body can become what it's meant to be

I resolve to make resolutions every day, not just on January 1st's

I resolve to help you do the same.

Wow! 6 resolutions and not one penny spent! Looks like I'll be saving money this year.

Happy to have you on this journey with me and Happy New Year!