AromaTouch Massage 


What is AromaTouchMassage?

It is a light-handed massage technique using a clinical application of specific essential oils, in a specific order and stroke pattern, on the back, head, hands and feet.

 What does AromaTouch massage do?

·     Brings central nervous system and cortisol levels back into balance

·     Supports immune system

·     Soothes muscle soreness and minor aches & pains + supports tissue healing

·     Positively impacts mood + emotional state (through the limbic system via smell and physical touch)

·     May help locate underlying or resolved emotions stored in the body and release them.

 Why should I get an AromaTouch massage? 

Because healthy, safe, non-sexual, non-creepy physical touch is not a privilege…it is a biological necessity.

 Where can I get an AromaTouch massage?

If you are local to South Bay (southern California), you may receive a massage at my home in Hermosa Beach.

If you are not local, here is a link to find an AromaTouch therapist in your area:

 What is the cost? How long does it take?

My AromaTouch is a donation-based offering. Venmo or PayPal are typical forms of payment—cash of check are also welcome. This is a 40-45 minute treatment.

How do I book an AromaTouch Massage with you?