R.E.H.A.B.: Led by Erica Jacobs, a Writer and Meaning Maker, specializing in Eating Psychology, Essential Oils, Yoga, and Visual communication.

R.E.H.A.B. is a 6-week Artistic Intervention — a creative writing and storytelling workshop— designed to help you work through "new-age” worries, using “old- age” approaches: 

•          storytelling // myth 

•          therapeutic-grade essential oils 

•          creative writing 

You will come away from this 1.5 month in-depth comprehensive experience with practical, easy to apply and sustainable tools for reconciling your past, having hard conversations in the present and navigating even the heaviest of anxiety about the future. 

Pricing // What’s Included:

 Total Cost: $299 includes: 

o 6 1.5hour sessions (1x/week)

o Textbook

o Your own set of Essential Oils

o Custom Journal + high quality pen (because when it seems all else is failing, we at least deserve pens that write smoothly, amirght?)

In-depth view of R.E.H.A.B. HERE