full moon course


Full Moon Course with Erica Jacobs, a Wellness Educator and Writer, specializing in Eating Psychology, Essential Oils, Yoga, and Visual communication.

Full Moon Course is a 6-week curriculum, designed to transform your relationship with your plate, yourself and others. Communally, we will explore healthy ways to reconcile past experience, restore self-worth and give new language to the ways we nourish ourselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

You will come away from this 1.5 month experience with tools that are practical, easy to apply, sustainable and wholehearted.

Full Moon Course utilizes four main modalities to promote healing: Essential Oils, Creative Writing, Storytelling and Medicinal Movement. When combined in an in-depth comprehensive course, they enhance our ability to change our life for the better.

Cost: $299


6 two-hour sessions (1 x week)


Your own set of Essential Oils

Custom Journal + high quality pens

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